.01 Unemployed Young Women Computer Training

We provide unemployed young women from low resourced communities with computer programming training, networking events, mentorship programs, insightful resources, and other collaborative initiatives. We're committed to creating a supportive platform that encourages women to enter the industry and to excel, lead, and revolutionize the future of fintech.

.02 Coding BootCamp

We host a number of bootcamps during the year that take in school leavers who are looking for work in the industry. Our top performers are introduced to companies to access internships and entry-level positions.

.03 Digital Enablement for SMME's

Our work also extends to support rural-based SMME's that run traditional businesses to pivot to digital and online business. So far, we have established a footprint in Rural Western Cape, KZN, Eastern Cape, Free State, and the Northern Cape.

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