We are a volunteer based organisation that is focused on helping young women from poor backgrounds access careers in tech. We work predominantly with girls and young women from rural areas and urban informal settlements.


Our mission is to close the gender gap in tech and to expose young women from poor communities to careers and opportunities within the digital and tech sector. Most of our beneficiaries have never encountered computing before and are not aware of the opportunities that exist in digital and tech. It is our belief that people cannot strive towards what they do not know exist, therefore our mission is to realistically introduce these skills and generate an interest within young women. We also want these young women to believe that they belong in the tech spaces and have a great deal to contribute from an early age. 


Research also shows that giving girls marketable skills helps to break the cycle of poverty, not only for them but their families as well. Educating girls has a direct correlation to improving the economic improvement of their families and communities. 

Young women achieving economic independence also allows them to escape toxic environments and abusive relationships. So our work in educating and coaching young women has a greater impact for the individuals and their surroundings.


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