​Our COVID19 rapid response training program helps small business owners in traditional non-tech sectors to digitally enable their small businesses. We help them go from having no digital enablement to pivoting to running an online-based business that allows them to recover from the effect of the pandemic and grow their business into the future

The COVID19 pandemic had a devastating effect on small business in the country and many of them were unable to access any of the economic relief measures that were put in place by the government. The effect of this pandemic is still a major reality and business across different sectors continue to shut down on a daily basis.


In 2020, we were fortunate to initially partner with the US Consulate General Cape Town, and later with the UK South Africa Tech Hub to deliver digital enablement training to over 100 business owners in townships and rural areas.  

However, we have small business owners reaching out to us on a daily basis to request training intervention and we have developed a waiting list of business owners we can train should we secure more funding opportunities. We invite all interested parties to support us in this intervention. The support we require includes the following:

  • Monetary Funding

  • Mobile Data Sponsorships

  • Bus or Shuttle Transport Services in different provinces

  • Short term access to training premises (Boardroom or training room facilities)

  • Catering

  • Tech Gadgets (Tablets, Laptops)

  • Photography and Videography services

Please get in touch with us by emailing