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Our Big Picture

The Girls in FinTech Foundation is on a mission to close the gender gap in technology in general, and FinTech in particular. Our aim is to make careers in tech accessible to young women from rural areas and informal settlements.

Why FinTech

African women are underrepresented in Technology in general, and in FinTech this is more amplified. The FinTech industry continues to grow, but women are remaining further and further behind.


Our Focus on Poor Communities
As the GIFT Foundation we are focused on working in poor and under resourced communities. There are many tech training interventions in urban areas and privileged schools. However, learners who live in rural areas and low resourced communities such as informal settlements and townships struggle to access computer skills or gain exposure to any training opportunities. We focus our work in these communities to support them in accessing tech skills and breaking the cycle of poverty.


COVID19 Rapid Response Programs

During the 2020 Covid19 pandemic traditional small business were severely impacted economically as they were unable to continue trade as normal. We partnered with the US Consulate General Cape Town and the UK South Africa Tech Hub to bring DIGITAL ENABLEMENT training to over 100 small business owners. This training helped them to pivot their traditional businesses to digital and continue trading under the strict regulations.